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Mexico Finca Kassandra
Amazing cherry ,dark chocolate ,hazelnut very elegant and complex coffee well worth trying

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Finca Kassandra, originally a cattle station, began growing coffee on 1990 with the intention of producing Estate Quality coffees.  The climate, with an annual average temperature of 22ºC and good rainfall of 1400 ‒ 2000mm proved ideal.  By 2003, the size of Finca Kassandra had increased enough to build its own dry mill and since then have been processing all their coffee on the estate. The Rivas family are also ecologically aware and have set aside 27 hectares of rainforest for local birds and wildlife to flourish.  A huge tree planting programme has been underway across the plantation that will help not just the coffee but the birdlife as well.

Our relationship with Finca Kassandra goes back a long way and we’ve seen firsthand the commitment and passion that goes into every aspect of the estate from the meticulous way the coffee is handpicked picked to the amazing parchment storage areas and grading equipment. The flavours from Kassandra coffees tell their own story; reflecting all the hard work that goes into every season.

Name : Steve
Location : Yarra Valley
Title : Delicious Coffee
Review : We have purchased from a few places, sampling the different roasts and quality. This one ticks all the boxes for us.

Name : Karu
Location : Hawkesbury
Title : Another Gem
Review : It seems this guy really knows how to roast coffee. Its that simple

Name : Karu
Location : Hawkesbury
Title : Great Coffee
Review : We buy this coffee all the time and it's just great

Hi, I have been roasting Finca Kassandra beans for some years and as my regular supplier does not have them available at the moment, an internet search revealed their availability at your business. Your website seems to only show them as being available already roasted and I'm wondering if you have them available for sale as green beans? I live in a north western suburb of Sydney. Thanks, John

Hi there John Thanks very much ,sorry i cant help you with green beans ,cheers Andrew

Good Afternoon, I was just wondering which type of grind was the finest? I always use a Turkish coffee pot to make my coffee, and I'm search of something that is very fine.

Hi there Thanks for the email could you please give me a call on 0412203921 and i can have a chat with you about the grind cheers Andrew

Good morning, which of your current single origin beans do you offer as a filter roast whole bean? I'll order this morning if you back to me early. As I live in Montrose Melbourne when could I expect delivery? Thanks in advance Greg G

Hi there Greg Thanks for the email ,all the coffee I sell is roasted to the second crack ,and would be ok for filter coffee I do not roast the coffee to a dark colour because I believe it affects the taste of the coffee . If you ordered to day coffee would be sent on Monday so should be there on Wednesday ,if Australia post do the right thing ,cheers Andrew

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