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"A long Kiss goood night "
Kenya Kiganjo ,dark chocolate ,sweet berries and Indonesia Blue Roca ,rhubard ,grape fruit and caramel will stay on your lips for eternity and beyond !!!


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The Long Kiss Goodnight
We spent the last few hours of the evening
lying in each others arms
with attentive eyes and ears... and hands,
and lips passionately roaming over heated skin;
and we only broke the silence
when drops of emotions burst like raindrops
crashing into the ground
during the hours of intimacy that unfolded
like a pocket-handkerchief handed to a lady
in her moment of need.

It was dreadful to tear ourselves away
from a love that seemed a lifetime in coming...
just when we would find the moment
desire would snatch it away,
and we'd have to start all over again, and again
outlasting the rain that had fallen outside,
and the soft-scented candle that burned
across the room.
Feelings had us climbing walls
even though there were none to be found between us,
and this was only goodnight...
not good-bye.

Eventually... the passion subsided .... and my cup was empty

Name : Traci
Location : North Narrabeen NSW
Title : I have to control myself!!!!
Review : All of the coffee beans I have had so far are fantastic (I think I have ordered about 5 different varieties so far). These ones, however are the best I have ever had. They make me want to drink even more coffee than I usually do and i have to actually use restraint or I would probably overdose on caffeine. My family are getting tired of me saying "how good are these coffee beans?", but they seriously are good. Dispatch times are always great and I appreciate the friendly email letting me know they are on their way.

Name : David
Location : Newport NSW
Title : Our favourite!
Review : We've tried many of the blends, but "A long Kiss goood night" is the favourite. The first one to get up in the morning calls 'Coffee time' and we can't wait to start the day with "A long Kiss goood morning". The Breville Oracle gets very busy turning the whole beans into tasty long blacks and cappuccinos to kick start every day. When there's a gathering, I can find myself making 10 coffees and everyone's happy with the luxurious flavours. I love a nice crema on my long blacks and visiting cafe's I'm often disappointed and yearning for a home brew from Coffee Warehouse. Thanks, Andrew, for the delicious blends and excellent service always!

Name : Myles
Location : Esperance WA
Title : First try of a new blend
Review : Hello Andrew, Our first try of your new creation was really enjoyable. Our normal coffee's are all non-milk types and particularly in "long black" format. We found The Long Kiss Goodnight a beautiful coffee for our preferred taste, not acidic at any point but still has layers of flavours. This has now been added to the top three coffee beans we like to get from you. It's all most appreciated, well done.

Hi Andrew, this coffee sounds very alluring! Is it suitable for pourovers?

Hi there ,thanks for the message ,yes it is all the best Andrew

Andrew.... how could I not. Maybe not Keats, but, what interesting prose. Have a great day

Thanks so much :)

Hi, is this the decaf blend?

Good morning ,thanks for the email and sorry to say its not ,enjoy your week cheers Andrew

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