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Colombian Pitalito Estate
An award winning coffee that is intense with winery, fruit acidity and sugary sweet caramel notes


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This Colombian Pitalito Estate is an award winning coffee thats has a smooth full body  and is noted for its winery, fruit acidity and sugary sweet caramel.

This coffee is from the Huila region and is grown between 5,500-6,000 feet above sea level. The estate is planted with coffee varieties made up of 70% typica and 30% Caturra coffee plants.

The coffee is processed by the fully washed method  and then is patio dried, before being hand sorted and sent out to coffee roasters around the world.

Medium roast. $30.00 per KG..

Name : Felicity
Location : Cygnet, Tas
Review : I am a complete novice when it comes to 'assessing' coffees, but all I know is that I love this company - every coffee i've bought has been amazing and it's so reasonably priced that I don't even bother looking elsewhere now. I can finally afford beautiful coffee every single morning! Really happy!

Name : Tom G.
Location : Brisbane
Title : Nice and smooth
Review : I'm a big lover of the African Safari blend but I ordered this one recently for a change. It's very smooth and not bitter. I'm enjoying something different for sure. No complaints here. It's a touch on the mellow side for me, served as a flat white, but it got me thinking that this could be a good option for anyone who likes an espresso or long black. On the other hand if you just enjoy a very smooth, tasty coffee and not something overly aggressive, then this is probably perfect. It's also worth mentioning the exceptional service that comes with the great coffee.

Name : Karine
Location :
Title :
Review : I'm a huge fan of the Colombian Coffee. It is smooth, deep and rich. I love the single origin coffee. Andrew roasts it to perfection on the day I order it and it arrives within 2 days. There is nothing like freshly roasted coffee! And this one is a cracker! I have been ordering the Colombian cloud forest coffee since Andrew first sourced it and the quality has never dropped from 5 star. I never drink any other coffee and 100% subscribe to Andrew's belief that life is too short for bad coffee. I am delighted to recommend it... KR client since 2008

Hi Andrew Do you have any organic coffee. Thanks Cameron

Hi there Thanks for your email ,sorry nothing in stock at the moment cheers Andrew

Hi Andrew, do you have any decaffinated coffee beans for night time.Love your columbian beans wow what a great coffee. Kind regards, Susan.

Hi there Susan Yes I do if you go to the shopping cart site you will see the Mexico Swiss Water decaffeinated beans and thanks for liking my coffee ,cheers Andrew

We are interested in selling cold brew coffee at local market over summer. I was curious if we can request lighter roasted beans if we order through you. We will initally only need small orders ie 1kg while setting up and imagine we will only be purchasing max 5kg/week. Do you think we can make something work?

Hi there Thanks very much for the email and would be happy to help with a lighter roast ,can you please call me on 0412203921 so we can have a chat cheers Andrew

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