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Tanzania AB North
The coffee from the Gombe National Park region in Tanzania has a bright acidity, candied orange, lemon and dark chocolate tasting notes

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Just the mention of a coffee from Tanzania makes coffee addicts run to their espresso machines with a glint in their eye and a shaking tamper. 

This coffee is grown within the Gombe National Park ,made famous by the conservationist Jane Goodall
and her research with chimpanzees

Distances in Tanzania are vast - there's almost 1000 kms between coffee producing regions in the North and in the South, same for East and West. The altitudes are up to almost 2000 MASL in many places. 90% of coffee producers are smallholder farmers, owning between 0.5 to 3 hectares, and less than 10% of the coffees are grown at estates.

Mbeya/Mbozi and Mbinga (South) in total is close to 50% of production

Similar to Kenya, coffee came with the French missionaries in the late 1800s, and was planted around Tanzania  for the most part (there are the Bourbon varieties that are often seen as SLs in Kenya now). In Tanzania, with its Indian influence, the Indian Kent varieties came from Mysore in the 1920s. In general, there are two varieties widely used today, the Bourbon-descended N39 hybrid, and the Kent hybrid KP432, as well as Kent varieties K7 and K9.

Medium Roast. $30.00 per KG

Name : Jon Constable
Location : Cooloola Cove Queensland
Title : My coffee journey began here
Review : I would, before beginning my review, like to thank Andrew for sharing with me, his amazing knowledge and understanding of all things coffee. My experience with truly great coffee began with the Tanzania AB Shiwanda Farm. I found this to be a truly satisfying, luxurious coffee; equally splendid if slowly enjoyed with milk while sitting in the early morning sun, or a swiftly consumed short black for an afternoon pick-me-up. I particularly enjoy the low-acidity of this delicate roast. Neophyte or connoisseur, I heartily recommend that you try this amazing coffee.

Name : Warwick
Location : Kurrajong Heights
Title : Aroma to die for
Review : My wife was born in Tanzania, so we had to try this one! The aroma is fantastic and really smooth tasting. Well worth a try and we will get this again.

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