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P.N.G Arabica "Nebilyer Valley "
Green bean 1 kilo
Commercial coffee production started with the planting of the highly revered Jamaican Blue Mountain seeds brought over in the 1920s. At the time most of the coffee was derived from a handful of plantations, however now, most production is from small-holders with gardens ranging from a couple of trees to a few hundred trees.

Grown in the Western Highlands Waghi Valley, like the majority of PNG coffee this is grown by small farms. Ideal soils, rainfall and climate in this region ensure good growth and output from the trees. Cherries are processed at the Korgua wet mill for washing, drying and sorting. At each of these stages, quality control is monitored to ensure this coffee continues to build its reputation.

Careful and planned logistics ensure that the coffee is transported and warehoused correctly prior to shipment; essential to preserving the integrity and quality of the beans

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Can you please advise if all your green coffee are 100% arabica or only those specified in the name. Thanks, Simi

Hi there ,thanks for your message all the green bean coffee listed on my site is Arabica cheers Andrew