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Colombian Pitalito Estate
Green Bean 1 Kilo
This Colombian Pitalito Estate is an award winning coffee thats has a smooth full body and is noted for its winery, fruit acidity and sugary sweet caramel.

This coffee is from the Huila region and is grown between 5,500-6,000 feet above sea level. The estate is planted with coffee varieties made up of 70% typica and 30% Caturra coffee plants.

The coffee is processed by the fully washed method  and then is patio dried, before being hand sorted and sent out to coffee roasters around the world.

Name : Martin
Location : Victoria
Title : My favourite coffee
Review : I've been roasting these beans in batches of 200-250 grams in a Gene Cafe roaster and the results have been very good. I find that it can take a dark espresso roast without any burnt taste, and the flavours still come through - which is exactly what I like. I don't know what it's like with milk but black - either short or long - it is superb, and the tast tends to linger for a long, long time.

Name : Lyn
Location :
Title :
Review : Hi Andrew I am having lots of fun roasting small amounts (about 60 gms) of the green beans.The two types you sent are quite different and initially I wasn’t sure about the Pitalito (?) but now my ability to control the roasting is improving, I am enjoying it more and more. I will soon put in another order for the green decaf Ethiopian beans as I like your roast of them such a lot (and I can drink more cups of that). For the record I am using a small light-weight aluminium saucepan, with a lid, that I can keep swirling on the gas for 10 minutes if necessary. I am working on recognising when it is almost done without having to take the lid off. Regards Lyn

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