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Brazil BR Alpha
The coffee cupping notes are ,soft fine cup with light and sweet acidity great chocolate notes full bodied with good balance,really coffee for all milk based coffee preparation


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Our Tres Alpha Premium is a blend of selected natural Arabica’s from three growing areas; the Highlands of Alta Mogiana, Cerrado de Minas and Sul de Minas. The blend is created by the renowned Volcafe cuppers in Santos whose understanding and knowledge of the regional flavours and their characteristics is legendary.

Extra care is taken during drying for the selected coffees, with the coffees being initially sundried then the drying process is completed in mechanical dryers to achieve precise moisture content

The coffee varieties which are used are Catuai ,Mundo Novo ,Acaia and Catucai and is grown over 1000 feet

This coffee has all the wonderful hallmarks of the Brazil coffee ,soft fine cup with light and sweet acidity ,great chocolate notes ,full bodied with good balance and after taste

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