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Nicaragua Peralta Estate Finca La Argentina
If you were to describe this coffee, think of tropical fruits, complex cognac and dark chocolate, with a marked acidity, fragrant aroma. A balanced body with a clean, lingering finish

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The Peralta family’s coffee tradition dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The estate prides itself on meticulous quality control at every stage and is continuously innovating. Farms are located in the Dipilto and Jalapa mountain range (Cordillera Dipilto y Jalapa) in the department of Nueva Segovia at altitudes ranging from 1150 to 1600 MASL. The high altitude and favourable climate is perfect for speciality coffee in Nicaragua. This combination of ideal weather conditions, proven varietals and unique post-harvest processes have built Peralta’s reputation

Prior to harvest, each plot is hand picked based on a visual inspection to guarantee uniformity in ripeness (maturation) and consistent brix concentration. [Sugar levels]  Harvesting is continually monitored to ensure consistent level of cherry ripeness and every plots coffee is traceable. Drying is done naturally with the coffee on raised beds in a vast drying area and again carefully monitored until the right moisture content is achieved.

Finca La Argentina coffees are grown on just 75 hectares and it's actually the oldest established farm on the estate. Hunting of animals is completely banned and the estate is committed to long sustainability in every aspect.

Name : Steve
Location : Yarra Valley
Title : Delicious Coffee
Review : We have purchased from a few places, sampling the different roasts and quality. This one ticks all the boxes for us.

Name : Karu
Location : Hawkesbury
Title : Another Gem
Review : It seems this guy really knows how to roast coffee. Its that simple

Name : Karu
Location : Hawkesbury
Title : Great Coffee
Review : We buy this coffee all the time and it's just great

Good Afternoon, I was just wondering which type of grind was the finest? I always use a Turkish coffee pot to make my coffee, and I'm search of something that is very fine.

Hi there Thanks for the email could you please give me a call on 0412203921 and i can have a chat with you about the grind cheers Andrew

Good morning, which of your current single origin beans do you offer as a filter roast whole bean? I'll order this morning if you back to me early. As I live in Montrose Melbourne when could I expect delivery? Thanks in advance Greg G

Hi there Greg Thanks for the email ,all the coffee I sell is roasted to the second crack ,and would be ok for filter coffee I do not roast the coffee to a dark colour because I believe it affects the taste of the coffee . If you ordered to day coffee would be sent on Monday so should be there on Wednesday ,if Australia post do the right thing ,cheers Andrew

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