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India Plantation B
Spoil your coffee taste buds ,with cocoa powder ,nutty,clean and smooth amazing coffee


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So I guess when you hear India  ,you think of tea and amazing spices but it also produces a great coffee bean
Our Plantation B ,is selected from quality growers in the Karnataka region ,an area with up to 2200 mm
rainfall per year and good rich soils .
The majority of Indian coffee is grown by farmers cultivating less than 10 hectares ,the remainder grown by larger
estates .
The majority of coffee in India is shade grown i.e it has larger trees growing over the coffee plants in a forest setting
Many farmers grow cardamon ,cinnamon,clove and nutmeg amongst the coffee plants which some say absorb
aromatics from the spices during harvesting ,processing and storage .
To be really honest with you, if you don't break out in a bollywood song and dance routine after trying this coffee
I would be very disappointed

Medium roast. $25.00 per KG.

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