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Blend 6 Mocha Time
Extremely well balanced blend.


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If Adam came to the garden of Eden looking for an apple, if Eve had given him a taste of this heavenly blend, the world would be a very different place. This blend is an extremely well balanced blend of the washed sweet fragrant Ethiopian Yiracheffe and Kenya AB which gives the blend rich earthly tones with a residual sweetness. After tasting this coffee you will feel like raising your hands to the heavens and singing hallelujahs for the rest of the day. 

Medium to Dark Roast. $25.00 per KG

Name : Alex Zhu
Location : Clayton, VIC
Title : Nice coffee with reasonable price
Review : First purchase from Andrew, nice coffee for afternoon.

Name : Robyn Viles
Location :
Title :
Review : Coffee received this morning, delivery man in heaven, looking forward to enjoying a coffee. Thanks Robyn Viles

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