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FrankOne Coffee Air Brewer
The FrankOne Coffee Brewer has been developed in a new way to brew coffee using negative pressure. The result is the smoothest cup of hot coffee or the fastest glass of cold brew coffee you have ever made.

The FrankOne Coffee Air Brewer (named after the famed American coffee company Frank de Paula, and marketed as VacOne in the US) uses air to brew coffee with less bitterness and acidity while accelerating the extraction time to deliver the perfect cold brew in only 4 minutes.

Charged by usb, our rechargable design means easy, high quality brewing at home or on the road is now possible with the FrankOne Coffee Air Brewer.

FrankOne’s patent pending technology removes coffee bloom which contains CO2, which produces undesired flavours in the finished cup, making your coffee bitter, acidic and astringent. The FrankOne Coffee Air Brewer creates 7psi vacuum pressure that separates the bloom from the finished cup, reducing bitterness and acidity to create the perfect iced coffee or coffee blend in minutes.

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