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Java Santosa Estate Black Tea 200gram
Slightly dark liquid ,full-bodied suitable for any time of the day

Santosa Estate is located on the Indonesian Island of Java, an island also famous for it’s coffee. The infusion of this black tea is sweet & jammy. Best enjoyed without milk, but can be sweetened to taste. Tea production on Java began with employees of the Dutch East India Co. who introduced clonal bushes from China. Over the next few hundred years, the industry grew and Java became a large player in the European markets. This unfortunately all changed with the onset of WWII, which after Indonesia had to rebuild its Country and tea industry. Today, teas from Santosa are prized the world over.

Blenders Notes: This tea has very unique jammy flavours that make it a great base for berry flavoured black teas. The natural sweetness bring depth to the teas and compliments the flavours. This tea is also makes for a great iced tea with a slice of fresh lemon. Try this black tea as a substitute where you would use any traditional black tea, and experience the difference that comes from the fertile volcanic soil of Java.

$20.00 for 200grams of loose leaf Santosa Estate Tea

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