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Ground Pleasures "Pink Salt Caramel Drinking Chocolate"
A combination of bold and exquisite cocoa ,add a naturally caramelly unrefined panela cane sugar ,with pink lake salt ,amazing taste for cold winters night .
Many chefs live by the rule that salt makes everthing taste better ,here you have a lovely bold and exquisite cocoa,
add a naturally caramelly unrefined organic panela cane sugar and season it with pink lake salt .
Its smooth ,complex and utterly delicious .
We are blessed to have one of the worlds tastiest,and without a dout ,prettist,salt sources in our backyard .
The Dimboola Pink Lake salt is strikingly pink .Fed by an anient aquifer,its unique bleend of minerals gives it a wonderful
well rounded complex flavour .
This makes ust the thing to add to our 'Pink Salt Caramel Drinking Chocolate " to perfectly balance all these
wonderful ingredients .


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